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Every Project Starts With Great Planning and Communication


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Our Process

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You Have Been Thinking About Renovating Your Home, You Have Done Your Homework, and Now it is Time to Act. Please Take a Few Moments to Fill Out Our Contact Form. This is an Effective Tool to Determine Your Budget and the Scope of Your Project.  

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The First Step of Your Project, is the Initial Consultation.

This is a Great Chance to Meet and Discuss Your Goals, Vision, and Needs. During this Meeting, We Will Work Together to Determine the Scope of Your Renovation, Discuss Material Ideas, Gather Measurements, and Establish Your Budget.

3D Digital Design

We Use the Latest Technology to Bring Your Renovation to Life, While Making Sure You Will Be Completely Satisfied With What Your Finished Remodel Will Look Like. This Preview Will Also Reduce the Chances of  Unplanned Change Orders Mid-Project. Your 3D Digital Render Will Leave You Confident That You Have Made the Right Choices of Materials, Layout, and the Overall Design.

Digital Mock up Kitchen


Our estimates are turnkey and include everything that needs to get done for your project so you can sit back and relax. Many factors are considered in our proposal: From permits, materials lead times and costs. We will work with you step by step, to finalize decisions about materials , layout design and the start date of your remodel.


This is the moment you've been waiting for! This is our time to shine and put our plans into action. You Can Expect Daily Communication On Important Topics Like; Demo, Rough Ins, Cabinet & Counter Top Installs, Tile & Flooring, Plumbing, Electrical, and Finishes.

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Final Walk Through

Now That Your Project is Complete, It is Time to Step Back and Take it all in. This is a Great Time to Ask Questions and Make Sure Everything Looks Just Like You Expected. A Final Walk Through is Just As Important to Our Team, as it Will Be to You. This is the Perfect Opportunity to Take Photographs and Start to Enjoy Your New Space.  

If You Are Ready To Begin or Have Questions: Contact Us


What is the difference between solid wood cabinetry and RTA cabinetry? 


        Ready to Assemble or RTA cabinets are pre-made, box built and usually built with melamine or ½” plywood. Oftentimes, RTA cabinets are sold as custom cabinetry but are not made specifically for your space causing unnecessary gaps and resulting in a waste of space. Solid lumber cabinetry is made from all 3/4 plywood and / or solid lumber material. 



What is the Average Price of a Bathroom Remodel?


        According to a study by N.K.B.A., the average Primary Bathroom Remodel Spend in 2020 was between $20,000 and $30,000. The majority of these projects involved layout changes such as; Tub to Shower Conversions or Increasing the Size of the Floorplan by removing walls.



How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?


        According to an Article by, the average cost of a Major Kitchen Remodel in the South Atlantic Region (including N.C.) is between $63k and $126k. Most Midrange Remodels, where the layout of the kitchen remains unchanged, have an average price range of $25k - $55k. Kitchen size and décor choices will have the greatest impact on this amount.


Are you a licensed/ a general contractor and insured?


        Yes, our general contractor license number is 87559. Our business insurance is through Next Insurance. 



What payment methods do you accept?


        We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. 

        We do charge a 2.5% transaction fee for cards. 



What are the main differences between a curbed shower pan vs. a “curbless” shower pan? 


        A curbed shower pan curb can be anywhere from 3”-6” tall and requires no additional work to the subfloor. A “curbless” shower pan has zero clearance between the shower floor and the bathroom floor. For this installation, the subfloor needs to be cut out and restructured to redirect the flow of water to the drain. Depending on the construction of your home (crawl space vs. slab home) the installation of a curbless pan requires a few more steps resulting in an additional cost. Curbless shower pans are popular for accessibility and their sleek seamless look. 



Why does the shower glass need to be ordered after the tile is set?

        The glass is measured to fit the opening within 1/16 of an inch. Therefore, the tile needs to be installed before measurements are taken to ensure an accurate fit. 



Do we get a refund for material costs if we did not use the allotted amount?


        With our fixed estimate, funds are moved around to cover the cost of materials that are not accounted for. At the end of your project if there is a significant margin (over 25%) there will be a refund check issued. 

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